Pesach / פסח

Parashat Acharei Mot / פרשת אחרי מות

Sefirat Ha'omer/ספירת העומר


Temple Emanuel of Baltimore is a Reform synagogue dedicated to the celebration of the Jewish faith, tradition and culture. Established in 1955, the mission of our congregation remains consistent with the principles of our founding families – a commitment to the worship of God, the study of our tradition, the nourishment of community spirit and the translation of our beliefs into deeds of conscience. For more than half a century, Temple Emanuel has embraced individuals and families who have enjoyed and been enriched by our synagogue’s sense of intimacy and integrity. We look forward to welcoming new members to our caring congregational family.

Shabbat Services are held at 10:30am every Saturday morning.

Yom HaShoah                        


  We're Going to the Game!

O's Day Out on June 18, 2016

Orioles v. Blue Jays  

All are welcome to attend. For reservations, email Harold Lipsicas by May 26th.